The incredible people who bring life to the characters!

Clinton J. Boomer, Chief writer, Producer, Actor, and any other job he gets roped into has kept him busy for years. Clinton works hard to be the best Husband, father, and writer he can be. His latest works, Team Murder Hobos: Assemble, has certainly caught the eye of many of his fans, and promises to bring many a chuckle to those who are lucky enough to get a copy. Clinton’s main character Hennett, is a savvy but kooky sorcerer who wears magic belts.

Holly Sowlles

Holly Sowlles , Conceptual designer and beautiful actress for D&D Phb Psa. Master of disguises, Holly brings smiles and style to the table. Her signiture quote “Sneak Attack” from her charater Lidda the halfling rogue, became an instance success with fans and actors alike. Hopefully we will hear from Holly again sometime but you know rogues are hard to keep up with these days.

Wesley Whitaker, Editor, Director, Co-Producer, Actor, and all around funny guy, spills so much talent into the videos. Wesley’s main character is Regdar, fighter and party leader, and is bound by his obligations with community service. Wesley’s relentless and endless efforts have boosted the Creative Juices of his team.

Sadly the days of making new PHBPSA have passed, but they live on in our hearts. We, the fans of D&D PHB PSA, thank you all so dearly for your contributions to these brilliant works