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Online radio station lists

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Online radio is an Internet audio streaming service transmitted over the Internet. Broadcasting over the Internet is generally referred to as Webcasting because it is not transmitted widely over traditional radio channels. Radio stations that broadcast over the Internet can be viewed by people in a variety of locations using specialized equipment. It is sometimes necessary for online radio stations to take the traditional route of broadcast via television or radio.

The advantages of Internet radio are quite simple: no advertising, very little management and less equipment. One of the downsides, however, is that listening online still may not be exactly like listening to a regular radio show. A listener who is used to the normal listening experience might find the difference a little overwhelming at first. Particularly if the listener normally listens to a particular type of music, changing the channel might cause confusion to the listener.

Most listeners to Internet radio broadcasts will quickly become accustomed to the format. The programs are predictable, clearly marked, and there is usually not a lot of publicity involved. When a listener likes a program, they may continue to listen to it. However, there are also some internet radio stations that lose listeners more easily than others. A station can lose listeners simply by not entertaining enough or by transmitting a distracting or inappropriate message.

There are several distinct types of online radio shows. Listeners can select a radio show based on the music they enjoy, based on the host or producers, or simply based on its overall popularity. Many listeners listen to more than one type of station. They therefore choose several stations to listen to in the car or when traveling. This practice is similar to multiplexing in theaters; viewers can select their favorites by rating shows. Most Internet radio stations, however, only offer a few stations. Listeners may therefore not be able to experience more than one or two radio shows each week.

Another way to distinguish one radio station from another is to distinguish programming. The programming of several radio shows can be very similar, but they differ in important ways. The programs broadcast by Internet Radio Stations often include features such as background music and commercials. Programs hosted by local Internet radio stations, on the other hand, can be full of commercials and feature music from a variety of artists and music genres. Some online radio stations feature live events, including performances by celebrities or featured groups.

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Yes, Internet radio is a digital audio service transmitted via the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means